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Providing Peace to Our Patients

As a faith-based company, we feel called to help each patient feel peace during an unpeaceful time in their life. We work with caseworkers, caregivers, hospitals and doctor’s offices to find the specialty equipment necessary to serve critical respiratory and enteral patients at home. We don’t just drop equipment at the door and leave it at that. Our commitment is to help patients feel like family and provide experienced, caring service in the home. We make biweekly visits to set up and troubleshoot equipment while also educating the patient and caregiver. On top of that, we’re available 24/7 for emergencies and setups if patients need support!

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Facility Equipment Partnerships

Save time and money by utilizing a facility equipment partnership with Life Support Systems. We utilize the latest in facility management and shipping in order to provide you with a superior product at a budget-saving price. Whether you're a small-town office or a multi-location hospice service, let Life Support Systems show you how we can streamline your HME needs.

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